Exhibition preparation
Waternish lighthouse, Isle of Skye.
A languid day on the Waternish peninsula on the Isle of Skye.

With my exhibition in a couple of months I took some time recently to complete the framed prints as I like to do my own frames. Although I order from a chop service rather than doing the mitres myself, there’s a great satisfaction in glueing, clamping and pinning the frames together. I also use my own matt cutter for the mounts and backing board and I order acrylic glazing from the framing shop that provides the chop service. The finished product is work of meditation.

As well as the framed prints and copies of The Little Book of Gaiku on sale I’ve ordered a couple of my panoramic prints on dibond. I really like the way I can display my work using this medium as I add metal hangers and spacers on the back so the work floats from the wall. These did really well at my previous exhibition a few years ago although this time the majority of my work will be my framed prints.

With a frame left to fill, I thought I’d work on a darkroom print. Most likely using the Bronica 645 on a trip into the hills at some point. I can then develop the film myself and print it on the enlarger on Ilford paper as a special one-off print for the exhibition.